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Welcome to the 2015-2016 ITS Annual Report.

It is my pleasure to share with you our organization’s accomplishments over the last academic year, and to highlight the services performed by our dedicated and talented staff.

Over the past year, ITS has placed a strong focus on service, which has taken on a great many forms. In the research computing space, for example, it meant introducing new high-end compute clusters that enable our world-class researchers to pursue their life’s work. These new clusters, Longleaf and Pine, were recognized by the White House earlier in 2016, and we were pleased to have them online and in service for our research community’s use.

In other parts of our organization, the focus on service has meant streamlining and improving current technology offerings. We have juggled many initiatives that included things like server consolidations across campus and the retirement of our legacy mainframe system in favor of new technology. And we have enjoyed the positive response resulting from the introduction of our new Wi-Fi network, eduroam, a system that enables our faculty, students and staff to seamlessly connect to wireless services at UNC-Chapel Hill and many other universities in North Carolina, across the country and around the world.

Our focus on service also reaches beyond our campus borders to our local community. We are proud of our Computer Repair Center, which provides repair services for local school districts — saving them money, increasing efficiency and ensuring local students access to reliable technology. Similarly, our collaboration with the Orange Public & Education Network has helped local public agencies increase fiber connectivity across Orange County.

And, finally, our dedication to quality service also includes work within our organization to assess our performance and technology offerings, identify areas for improvement and growth, and set in motion projects and activities that enhance our effectiveness. This effort, which we call IT Excellence, has identified a multi-year path to enhance and strengthen our organization’s ability to serve our community.

At ITS, we continue to focus on supporting and enriching the technology available to our faculty, students and staff as they carry out the critical mission of our University. We hope this passion comes through as you navigate the site and explore our Annual Report.


Chris Kielt, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer