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News in Brief

Bridging the community’s digital divide ITS is collaborating with the community to improve digital access, literacy and connectivity. Since June 2015, ITS, the University, the town of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and the Kramden Institute have been working together to gather market data about broadband access in the … Continued

ITS Instrumental in Community Fiber Collaborations

Over the past year, ITS has deepened community collaborations with local government, schools and other public entities to collectively enhance network connectivity. Jim Gogan, Assistant Vice Chancellor of ITS Communication Technologies, and ITS Engineering Manager Craig Baker have been instrumental in efforts to unite Orange County public agencies to jointly … Continued

ITS Collaborates on Wireless Solution at UNC-Asheville

What happens when two UNC universities with shared resources both decide to implement eduroam–and confuse your wireless configuration while they’re at it? In this case, staff of UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services and at UNC-Asheville worked together to implement a complex solution to resolve the issue. The result? “Before this migration, … Continued

Bandwidth Use Sets Record During ACC Tournament

All it took was a great tournament game to push the campus network to new heights when UNC-Chapel Hill bandwidth spiked in March 2016, thanks to the ACC tournament. During the quarterfinal game in which Carolina overtook Pittsburgh, the University’s inbound bandwidth utilization peaked at 12.08 Gbps. The previous three ACC … Continued

Digital literacy

Bridging the digital divide in the communityx first paragraph then the rest gets placed like usual.

Four-Year Transition to VoIP phones Crosses Finish Line

Four years and 20,000 new phones later, Information Technology Services has finished UNC-Chapel Hill’s transition to a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. This effort replaced a 30-year-old technology and saved more than $2 million a year.   ITS completed the bulk of the work–converting the University’s roughly 20,000 campus phone … Continued

ITS Transport Operations: Fiber Work Never Ends

Fiber is what enables us to communicate on campus. For many of us, that’s where our understanding of fiber-optic cable ends. Fiber, for the record, is what digital data travels through in the form of pulses of light. Also, while we realize fiber is actual, tangible cable that people install, … Continued

Carolina Adopts Eduroam as Primary Wi-Fi Network

In 2015, ITS switched the campus to eduroam, a secure and encrypted wireless network shared by universities around the world, and retired UNC-Secure, which had been the University’s primary wireless network. The eduroam network provides a secure certificate-based authentication and encryption for wireless and supports the federated authentication model used … Continued

ITS Completes Campus-Wide Networking Continuity Testing

While there often is discussion about redundancy, resiliency, disaster recovery and service continuity, rarely do organizations actually schedule tests of such architectures, both in terms of the disaster itself and the restoration afterward. ITS Communication Technologies made the decision to proactively test campus networking services one evening in July 2015. … Continued