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EA Supports Administrative Units with Academic Term Functions

Enterprise Applications partners with the Registrar’s Office, Graduate School, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid offices to support activities at the beginning and end of each academic term. Activities include:

  • Providing Student Administration application access for new faculty
  • Supporting faculty use of class rosters with photos
  • Supporting the drop/add process

And, the team added new functionality this year, including:

  • Launching the new student withdrawal e-form on the first day of classes in Fall 2015
  • Launching new College Scheduler software to help students plan their classes
  • Building a new dashboard that enables undergraduate advisers to quickly evaluate each student’s progress towards completing their general education requirements. This work was done in support of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Thrive@Carolina initiative.

The team also supports Undergraduate, Graduate, and School Admissions offices with making needed modifications and launching applications for upcoming admissions cycles. Activities include:

  • Completing preparatory work to support the upcoming cycle of admissions for undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Implementing Common App Changes for Undergraduate Admissions
  • Implementing undergraduate student functionality for transfer equivalencies
  • Replacing the Graduate School’s admissions application


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