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I.T. Excellence initiative launches

Launched in December 2015, IT Excellence is an initiative designed to assess the current state of service management and delivery practices within ITS. Led by the ITS senior leadership team, I.T. Excellence presented ITS with the opportunity to reflect on the current and future information technology needs of the organization.

IT Excellence Logo“The goal of I.T. Excellence was to hear from our staff, our customers and from an outside consulting group what we are doing really well and where our opportunities for growth and change are,” said Susan Kellogg, Deputy Chief Information Officer. “Furthermore, we want to make sure that the services we provide are supporting the mission of the University,”

The assessment phase of I.T. Excellence lasted six months and included:

Staff activities

  • Staff survey
  • Focus groups (pictured above)

Consulting activities (performed by Huron Consulting)

  • Service delivery assessment
  • Service maturity assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost analysis

Customer activities

  • IT Executive Committee (ITEC) Customer survey
  • Service usage assessment
  • Adoption gap identification
  • Prioritization of services and service improvements


Project Timeline


“Our overall goal was to get a broad view of our services and where we can improve,” said Susan Kellogg.

Throughout the course of the project staff were kept engaged and informed thanks to regular email updates, information sessions and a presentation at the spring “All-Hands” meeting. A fundamental aspect of I.T. Excellence has and will continue to be staff participation.

“Our overall goal was to get a broad view of our services and where we can improve,” said Kellogg. “All of those who participated – ITS staff, ITEC, and the consulting partner – gave us critical feedback that has helped us focus on the most important changes first.”

Now that the assessment phase is complete, the senior leadership team has identified projects for this year and some of next year based on the recommendations resulting from the IT Excellence project. ITS expects the results of this effort will continue to shape the forward progress of the organization for some time to come.

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