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News in Brief

Bridging the community’s digital divide

ITS is collaborating with the community to improve digital access, literacy and connectivity.

Since June 2015, ITS, the University, the town of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and the Kramden Institute have been working together to gather market data about broadband access in the community and to define literacy for the Chapel Hill community.

Next steps for the Leveraging Fiber & Providing Community Internet Working Group will include formulating an action plan to discuss what to do, which partners to work with and rolling out some specific proposals toward bridging the digital divide in the community. The first focus area will be on families with school-aged children.

 Funding enables network hardware upgrade

ITS kept on track during fiscal year 2015-2016 for the continuous work of upgrading infrastructure areas that need more capable hardware–usually in terms of bandwidth–and with chipping away at the number of network switches that have gone beyond the vendor’s “end of life” state.

This never-ending life-cycle refresh of the campus network hardware was finally made possible the implementation of the ITS Communication Technology Funding Model for network core services in July 2012. For the present three-year refresh plan, the fund provides for the core/backbone routers, distribution layer switches (Tier 1 and Building Entrance Switches – BES) and access-layer switches (End User Switches – EUS).

The list of campus sites gaining upgrades is updated regularly on the ITS website.

 Ride along with ITS Transport Operations

Within UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services’ Communication Technologies group, Transport Operations team members are always on the go.

ITS Transport Operations is responsible for the installation and maintenance of transport cable on campus, which means all those types of lines through which data runs–copper, fiber optics, phones, microwave and even cable TV in the dorms.

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