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SharePoint was First Migration within Microsoft Office 365

As part of Carolina’s phased transition to Microsoft Office 365, ITS began migrating the University’s SharePoint users over to SharePoint in the cloud in April 2015.

ITS started with SharePoint because migrating that component of Office 365 was less complex and because some key University customers pushed for and needed the new features.
SharePoint in the cloud provides better security control, online sharing and much more storage than the earlier SharePoint on premise versions–“like 700 times more, to 700 terabytes,” said Tim McGuire, Manager of ITS Campus Infrastructure Services. Effectively, he said, ITS can offer unlimited storage to departments.

SharePoint in the cloud offers near unlimited storage.

The University has 117 departmental site collections on SharePoint. ITS first migrated the less complex sites and then created custom migrations for the sites that were harder to move.

“The easy and medium sites went extremely smoothly,” McGuire said. “As with most projects, the last 5 percent took 95 percent of the time to complete, given the complexities of our mature sites.”

Customer Testimonial

header_new“We have undergone several major reviews by the DOE, and in 2014 submitted a successful renewal proposal for funding through 2018. In a very competitive funding environment, a significant factor in our success cited by the proposal reviewers was our degree of collaboration and integration. Our SharePoint site is key to this integration and serves as the central communications hub for the center. We have received extremely high ratings on communication and information sharing, principally because of our use of SharePoint. The DOE has indicated that our use of SharePoint should serve as a model for other centers of this type.”

Catherine Heyer, Ph.D.
UNC EFRC Assistant Director
UNC Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC)

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