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Communications Team Launches User Conference and Improves CCInfo

CR2_dvEWoAAGEOeConnectCarolina’s communications team, led by Debra Bellar, worked to improve the website and led a ConnectCarolina user conference that attracted 600 attendees.

Engaging ConnectCarolina’s users has been an essential part of implementing the new applications. Assessing users’ readiness to use new systems and processes, providing communications, training, documentation, and ensuring strong user support are key to helping faculty, staff and students across the University use the systems effectively.

The website is a central resource for ConnectCarolina users to find resources such as student guides, webinars, computer-based training, checklists and training opportunities. Throughout the year, new resources are continually added and are being organized to help users find the assistance they need. The entire website was redesigned and relaunched in May 2016 to focus entirely on making it easier for users to find materials supporting their work in ConnectCarolina.

CR2WuFtUEAA_DgCThe team reached out to ConnectCarolina users at monthly User Group meetings for Finance and HR/Payroll users, affording an opportunity to get the latest updates and answers to their questions.  During the summer of 2016, the team held a series of lunches with campus users identified as performing the “most” of various ConnectCarolina system transactions. The “mosts” lunches gave the team a chance to thank users and tap their knowledge and experience with the system to help identify opportunities for ongoing application improvements.

ConnectCarolina’s communications team worked to improve the website and led a ConnectCarolina user conference that attracted 600 attendees

The first-ever ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte User Conference was held in October 2015. Designed by a committee of volunteers who are users of ConnectCarolina, the focus was on the unprecedented amount of change in administrative work at the University since the Finance and HR/Payroll go-live in October 2014. About 600 people attended the day-long conference at the Carolina Union, with many sessions presented by staff members, who shared what they had learned using the new system.

Initial survey results show a high level of satisfaction with the conference, with many requests for “more” – additional topics and longer sessions. The hope is that this conference will become an annual event.


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