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Four-Year Transition to VoIP phones Crosses Finish Line

Four years and 20,000 new phones later, Information Technology Services has finished UNC-Chapel Hill’s transition to a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. This effort replaced a 30-year-old technology and saved more than $2 million a year.

ITS completed the bulk of the work–converting the University’s roughly 20,000 campus phone lines from the old AT&T Centrex phone system to a Verizon Business VoIP system–in September 2015. The porting required mapping decades-old phone configurations and programming as well as replacing phones on desks, walls and in shared space.

Then through May 2016, ITS wrapped up other aspects of the project. That work included introducing phone customers to advanced features, moving over the front-facing/customer-facing main phone lines to the University, such as Student Health Services and Memorial Hall, and collaborating with UNC Healthcare as it moved off the campus system and implemented a separate VoIP phone system.

20,000 phones
moved over a period of four years.

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